Self-Driving or Self-Crashing? – Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Features Raise Safety Concerns

By Allison M. Clay           Tesla recently appeared in the news, yet again, after a 2021 […]

Giulia Blog Post

The Price of Privacy: A Record $725 Million Settlement from Meta

By: Giulia Lima [1]           It is common for many daily users of social media platforms, […]

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The Trendy Polluter: How “Fast Fashion” Yields Significant Problems & Potential Solutions To Slow Down its Negative Effects

By Jennifer Pagano “Since 2000, clothing production has approximately doubled globally.”[1] “Every year, people in the United States throw out […]

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Court of Chancery Expands MFW to Conflicted Controller Executive Compensation Awards

By Andrew J. Czerkawski I. Background and Posture           In the summer of 2018, after the […]

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By Nicole Fitzpatrick             From Taylor swift to Bruno Mars to Frank Ocean, the music industry’s biggest heavy-hitters all have […]

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From Wall Street to North King Street: How the Great Recession Impacted Delaware Corporate Law

By Nicholas G. Borelli  MARCH 16, 2023             Fifteen years ago today, Bear Stearns—a global investment bank—taught the world that […]

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Holding Board Members Personally Liable for Their Actions Within a Company: In re Boeing Company Derivative Litigation

By Stephanie White To Hold Liable or Not           There is often much debate on whether […]

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Where’s the Good Faith? Caremark Claims Today

By Jacob Goldstein What is a Caremark claim?           Originating from In re Caremark in 1996, […]

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Proposal From The U.S. Federal Trade Commission Poses a Threat to The Autonomy of Delaware Corporations

By Jazmine King 1. Noncompete Agreements & Their Effect on the U.S. Labor Markets           It […]

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TOTAL SHAREHOLDER SMACKDOWN: Vince McMahon’s Alleged Breach of Fiduciary Duties

 By Alyssa Atkisson Abstract. WWE founder Vince McMahon is alleged to have breached his fiduciary duties as controlling shareholder in […]

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Fee Shifting Under the Corporate Benefit Doctrine

By: Charmi Patel           Generally, Delaware follows the “American Rule”, whereby each party is expected to […]

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IN RE MCDONALD’S CORP. S’HOLDER DERIV. LITIG.: Corporate Officer Fiduciary Duty of Oversight[1]

Summary Authored by Shira R. Freiman C.A. No. 2021-0324-JTL Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware January 26, 2023 […]

Professor Cunnigham

Lawrence A. Cunningham, Esq. Delivers 37th Annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Corporate Law[1]

By Evan Brown, Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Volume 48 Web Editor  Introduction           On February 10, […]

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Game Over? – Microsoft’s Attempted Acquisition of Activision-Blizzard Gets Rekt by the FTC

By Dan Mackrides[1] 1. Tutorial Island: A Broad Overview of the          Gaming Industry.             Gaming is […]

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Merger Litigation Trends: Corwin Doctrine and Controllers

By Nkemakunam Obata            The Corwin doctrine applies when a fully informed, non-coerce, majority of disinterested […]

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Southwest Airlines Faces Shareholder Lawsuit Following an Operational Meltdown

By Matthew Goldsmith   [1] 1. Southwest Airlines’ Operational System Leaves Customers Stranded Over Christmas.           Southwest […]

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How Critical is a Critical Vendor? The Delaware Answer

By Marie Dickson           One of the basic tenets of chapter 11 bankruptcy law is that […]

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Why Is Everyone Hating Ticketmaster?

By Evan Brown Background For those of you who do not know what has been happening with the live music […]

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Elon Musk’s Net Worth—Following the Twitter Purchase

By Megan Hartshorn  [1]           Musk is worth an estimated $153 billion,[2] following the purchase of […]

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By: Austin R. Niggebrugge Originally published in March 2022, but then edited and republished for clarity.         […]

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Whose Coin Is It Anyway?: FTX, Voyager, and the Challenges of Bankruptcy in a Digital World.

by James English[1] For a printable pdf version, click here. Introduction           On November 11, 2022, […]

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Twitter v. Musk: Will the Court of Chancery Break New Ground in Delaware Corporate Law?

By: Margaret K. Ryder, Evan Brown, Demetrius Davis, Austin R. Niggebrugge, and Katherine R. WelchAdditional Research: Megan Hartshorn      […]

36th Pileggi

Professor J.S. Nelson Delivers 36th Annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Corporate Law

By : Clifford R. Wood, Jr., Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Volume 47 Web Editor & Evan Brown, Delaware Journal […]

Business Judgment Rule Saves Vaxart, Inc. in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Kaitlyn Sibley On December 1, 2021, the Delaware Court of Chancery dismissed the majority of claims against the small […]

Commodity or Currency: Interpreting U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and Code Approach to Cryptocurrency Classification

By: Christopher Donnelly Cryptocurrency is “any form of currency that only exists digitally, that usually has no central issuing or regulating […]

On Whether Kellogg’s Could Have Permanently Replaced Participants in the 2021 Strike

By Julian Benson-Reid In late 2021, workers for Kellogg’s went on strike in several plants.[1] One of the newsworthy headlines that […]

Acquisitions During COVID-19: The Natural Immunity of the Ordinary Course Covenant

By: Lauren Hartnett Along with health and safety concerns, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a lot of uncertainty nationwide. […]

Transformative Use After Google v. Oracle

By: Terisa Shoremount In 2021, the United States Supreme Court held that Google’s copying of JAVA SE’s declaring code was […]

Part 1: Shifting the Securities Regulation Paradigm from Reactive to Proactive Regulation.

By: James English A current shift in technology is presenting an opportunity for a drastic improvement in securities regulation. Instead […]

Boy Scouts of America Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware

By Derek Brandt The Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) is a non-profit organization[1] that provides youth character and leadership development.[2] […]

Waiver of Appraisal Rights as Held in Manti Holdings, LLC V. Authentix Acquisition Co., Inc.

By: Alexa DeAnnuntis In Manti Holdings, LLC v. Authentix Acquisition Co., Inc., the Delaware Supreme Court affirmed the use of […]

Who’s to Blame? A Predictive Analysis of Live Nation’s Legal Liability Following the Astroworld Tragedy

By Shira Freiman[*] NRG Park in Houston, Texas served as a space where unthinkable tragedy unfolded on Friday, November 5th, […]

Delaware Rejects Corporations’ Pleas For Attorney’s Fees And Enforces American Rule On Fee-Shifting

By: Shelby Bingaman In December 2021, the Delaware Supreme Court affirmed the 2020 decision of Vice Chancellor Glasscock, denying private […]

Delaware Chancery Rule 23.1: When Demand On A Board Is Excused In A Stockholder Derivative Action

By: Julie Jopp Recently, the Delaware Court of Chancery clarified the requirement under Chancery Rule 23.1 in a decision issued […]

Boeing Shareholder Settlement Following 737 Max Crashes

By: Julia Baranov        Earlier in 2021, Boeing’s shareholders filed a lawsuit against the board of directors following […]

Cryptocurrencies in the Courts of Delaware

By: Charles Park The popularity of cryptocurrencies in the last decade have been well-noted in the media, most notably due […]

Where Environmental Law and International Law Collide

By: Marie Dickson Generally, international law typically overrides state law.  “[T]he modern view is that customary international law in the […]

Informational Vacuums & Revlon–How GE Escaped Liability

By: Alex DiRienzo In 2016, the GE and Baker Hughes merger (“BHGE”) changed how oil and gas activities are completed […]

You’re Just Too Toxic: Analyzing DuPont’s PER- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) 2021 Settlement

By: Melissa Rheinstadter After the years of litigation following the DuPont – Chemours spin-off, “PFAS” and “PFOA” gained significant attention […]

Liability v. Liberty: Corporations and Covid Vaccine Mandates

By: Dan Mackrides The COVID-19 pandemic places American Corporations in an unenviable position.  Labor shortages[1], supply chain issues[2], and inflation[3] […]

Corporate Spin-Off: What is it and How Johnson & Johnson is Handling Their Version of a Spin-Off

By: Evan Brown Introduction Corporate spin-offs allow a parent company to break off into two separate structures, known as a […]

Pioneering Microtransaction Regulations in the State Regulatory Scheme: Keeping the First State First

By: Dante S. Pavan, Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 47 Since Murphy v. NCAA held prohibitions to state authorization and licensing of sports […]

Reinforcing Board-Level Obligations Under Caremark

By: Alberto M. Longo Regarded as “possibly the most difficult theory in corporation law upon which a plaintiff might hope […]

The Continued Emergence of the Sustainability Movement in Corporate Governance: Will the 2020’s Spell the End of Shareholder Primacy?

By:  Richard R. Caputo, Jr., DJCL staff member at Widener University Delaware Law School. Tracing its origins back to the […]

Elon Musk Will Potentially Face Trial Alone in Delaware as Tesla Directors Settle

By:  Devan A. McCarrie, DJCL staff member at Widener University Delaware Law School. Elon Musk (“Musk”) is no stranger to […]

The Economic Costs of COVID-19

By:  Shelby M. Thornton, DJCL staff member at Widener University Delaware Law School. As the new year begins, the latest […]

Compelling a Corporate Employee Designated as a 30(b)(6) Witness to Testify at Trial Despite the Absence of Personal Knowledge

By:  Dylan R. Mathewson, DJCL staff member at Widener University Delaware Law School. The state of Delaware has been and […]

Clarifying the Duty Under 8 Del. C. § 220, Relating to the Production of Electronically Stored Information

By:  Jillian A. (Boberick) Tyson, DJCL Bluebook Editor and Schmutz Fellow at Widener University Delaware Law School. A decision issued […]

Shareholders Demand Climate Disclosures In 2020

Shareholders Demand Climate Disclosures In 2020

By:  Maria Kotsiras, DJCL Staff Member at Widener University Delaware Law School. A new year initiates a period of annual […]


Two Delaware Law Professors Deliver 35th Annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture In Corporate Law

The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law of Widener University Delaware Law School proudly sponsored the 35th Annual Francis G. Pileggi […]

trademark symbol

“BOOKING” Your Mark: The Potential Future of Trademark Law under United States Patent and Trademark Office v.

By:  Colin A. Keith, DJCL Articles Editor at Widener University Delaware Law School. The field of intellectual property law is […]


Changing the Bankruptcy Venue Statutes Would Undermine the Effectiveness of the U.S. Corporate Bankruptcy System

By:  Ryan M. Messina, CPA; DJCL External Managing Editor at Widener University Delaware Law School. As the 2020 Democratic Party […]

The Importance of Operating Agreements in Significant Transactions

By:  Allison M. Neff, Editor-in-Chief of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law. In the wake of the Delaware Supreme Court […]

The Burdensome Effect of California’s Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 on Businesses

By:  T. Paul Markovits, DJCL Web Editor at Widener University Delaware Law School If you counsel businesses regarding their liability […]

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Anthem-Cigna Failed Merger, Shareholder Suit on the Way

By:  Colin A. Keith,  DJCL Articles Editor at Widener University Delaware Law School In the story of two health insurance giants, […]

Delaware’s Voluntary Certification of Sustainability Law

By: Ashley Farrell On June 27, 2018, the Delaware Sustainability and Transparency Standards Act (the “Act”) was signed by Governor […]

Will the Loss of the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Lead to the Demise of Tesla?

Ryan M. Messina In 2010 the Obama administration implemented Internal Revenue Code Section 30D, a federal tax credit of up […]

Discovery Facilitators

Alexandria J. Crouthamel Recently, the Delaware Court of Chancery decided to use a discovery facilitator in the very early stages […]


On Friday, November 2, 2018, at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware, Professor David A. Skeel Jr., distinguished S. Samuel Arsht […]

No Longer an Existential Threat: Minimizing Cybersecurity Risks and Upholding Duties

Kacee Benson The World Economic Forum lists cybersecurity breach as one of the five most serious risks facing the world […]

The 2018 Amendments to DGCL § 262

Zachary J. Schnapp On August 1, 2018, Senate Bill 180 (the “2018 Amendments”)—a technical bill proposed by the Delaware General […]

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act: What It Means for Business

Joseph Farris Many are still digesting how the recent Congressional tax legislation, H.R. 1, also known as the Tax Cut […]

The Materiality of Opinions: Appel v. Berkman

Colleen Degnan In Appel v. Berkman, No. 316, 2017 (Del. Feb. 20, 2018) (hereinafter “Appel”), the Delaware Supreme Court reversed […]

The Most Difficult Theory to Prove, Remains Unproven: Don’t Bypass the Board of Directors

Adesola Adegbesan In City of Birmingham Ret. & Relief Sys. v. Good, No. 16, 2017, (Del. Dec. 15, 2017), the […]

The Deal Price Matters: Dell, Inc. v. Magnetar Global Event Driven Master Fund Ltd., et. al

Jill Dolan In Dell, Inc. v. Magnetar Global Event Driven Master Fund Ltd., et al., No. 565, 2016, (Del. Dec. […]

Plaintiff’s Counsel Learned a Lesson

Amanda Fedak Section 220 of the Delaware General Corporation Law, the right to demand an inspection of books and records, […]

Break up The Deadlock or Break up Entirely—Judicial Dissolution in Cases of Deadlock

Andrew Ralli In the context of judicial dissolution, deadlock refers to the inability to make decisions and take action, such […]

Patent Venue After TC Heartland: Finding Meaning in “Regular and Established Place of Business”

Breana Barker In TC Heartland LLC, v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC, the United States Supreme Court held that the […]

“Red Flags” and the Duty of Oversight

Sarah Baker Under Delaware law, the fiduciary duty of oversight imposes several obligations on boards of directors, including the responsibility […]

Rule 23.1: Take it to the Board or the Court, Not Both

Kevin Packer In its recent decision in Zucker v. Hassell, the Court of Chancery addressed when a shareholder can have […]

Direct and Derivative Claims in El Paso v. Brinckerhoff

Melaina Hudack In its recent decision in El Paso v. Brinckerhoff, the Delaware Supreme Court reversed the Court of Chancery’s […]

In re OM Group, Inc. Stockholders Litigation: The Value of a Vote

Caneel Radinson-Blasucci In its recent In re OM Group, Inc. Stockholders Litigation (“OMG”) opinion, the Court of Chancery addressed an […]

Post-Close Disclosure Claims in Nguyen v. Barrett

John Brady Nguyen v. Barrett deals with post-close claims of breach of fiduciary duty and improper/partial disclosure arising out of […]

Genuine Parts Requires Genuine Jurisdiction: Protecting Our Economy Through Constitutional Principles

Brittany Giusini        The Delaware Supreme Court’s recent opinion in Genuine Parts Co. v. Cepec gives clarity to long-standing personal jurisdiction principles […]

Annual Review of Key Delaware Corporate and Commercial Decisions

Francis Pileggi  This is the twelfth year that I am providing an annual list of key Delaware corporate and commercial decisions. […]