volume 37

Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

2012 Volume 37 Number 3


Leave It to Delaware:  Why Congress Should Stay out of Corporate Governance
By: Jill E. Fisch

The Myth of Director Consent: after Shaffer, beyond Nicastro
By: Eric A. Chiappinelli

Exit, Voice, and Reputation:  the Evolution of SPAC
By: Usha Rodrigues & Mike Stegemoller

Promises Made to Be Broken?  Standstill Agreements in Change of Control Transaction
By: Christina M. Sautter

Delaware Court Of Chancery Guidelines

Delaware Court of Chancery Amends Its Rules and Introduces New Discovery Guidelines
By: Kevin F. Brady & Francis G.X. Pileggi

Guidelines to Help Lawyers Practicing in the Court of Chancery


2012 Volume 37 Number 2


The History and Evolution of Intra-Corporate Forum Selection Clauses: an Empirical Analysis
By: Joseph A. Grundfest

The Irrepressible Myths of BarChis
By: Joseph K. Leahy


A Guide to Predicting the Calculation of Attorney’s Fees under Delaware Law for Shareholder Suits
By: Jason W. Adkins

Opt-in Vs. Opt-out: Settling the Debate Over Default Fiduciary Duties in Delaware LLCs
By: Nicole M. Sciotto

Insurance Neutrality: Affecting an Insurer’s Right to Bankruptcy Standing
By: Peter I. Tsoflias

Delaware Court Of Chancery Guidelines

Guidelines to Help Lawyers Practicing in the Court of Chancery

Delaware Court of Chancery Issues Guidelines to Promote Efficiency, Enhance Professionalism, and Encourage Civility
By: Kevin F. Brady & Francis G.X. Pileggi


2012 Volume 37 Number 1


Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation: Who Caused This Problem, and How Can It Be Fixed?
By: Edward B. Micheletti & Jenness E. Parker

Private Investment Companies in the Wake of the Financial Crisis: Rethinking the Effectiveness of the Sophisticated Investor Exemption
By: Cary Martin

The Availability of Takeover Defenses and Deal Protection Devices for Anglo-American Target Companies
By: Albert O. “Chip” Saulsbury, IV

Inspecting Corporate “Books and Records” in a Digital World: the Role of Electronically Stored Information
By: Francis G.X. Pileggi, Kevin F. Brady, & Jill Agro