Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

1988 Volume 13 Number 3

Commentary from the Bar

1987 Developments in Delaware Corporate Law
By: Andrew J. Turezyn

An Analysis of the Constitutional Validity of Delaware’s “Business Combination” Statute
By: Bruce L. Silverstein


Delaware’s Takeover Statute: of Chills, Pills, Standstill, and Who Gets Iced
By: Dale Arthur Osterle

The Case for the Constitutionality of State Business Combination Statutes
By: John F. Prit


A Statutory Definition of Insider Trading: the Need to Codify the Misappropriation Theory
By: John I. McMahon, Jr.


State Takeover Legislation after CTS: Does It Give States a Free Hand To Regulate Tender Offers?
By: Mark A. Cronin

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


1988 Volume 13 Number 2


The Massachusetts Business Trust and Registered Investment Companies
By: Sheldon A. Jones, Laura M. Moret, & James M. Storey

Patent Licensing: Concerted Action by Licensees
By: Ramon A. Klitzke


Employer Liability under the Doctrine of Negligent Hiring: Suggested Methods for Avoiding the Hiring of Dangerous Employees
By: Mark Minuti


Investor Protection after McMahon: the Arbitrability of Claims Arising under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1932 and SEC Rule 10b-5
By: Cristy B. Bell

Distinguishing Individual and Derivative Claims in the Context of Battles for Corporate Control: Lipton v. News International, PLC
By: Jonathan Shub

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


1988 Volume 13 Number 1

Tribute to Professor William Conner
By: Anthony J. Santoro & Thomas J. Reed

Commentary from the Bar

The 1987 Delaware Law of Voluntary Corporate Dissolution
By: Stephen P. Lamb & Robert A. Glen


The Delaware Banking Revolution: Are Expanding Powers Next?
By: David S. Swayze & David B. Ripsom


The Demise of Rule 3b-9
By: Sandra M. Krauss

Preliminary Injunctions in Delaware: the Need for a Clearer Standard
By: Frederick P. Santarelli

Indirect Criminal Conduct of Corporate Officers — Law in Search of a Fair and Effective Standard of Liability
By: Paul F. Schaaf, Jr.

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases