Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

2019 Volume 44 Number 1




Farewell to Fairness: Towards Retiring Delaware’s Entire Fairness Review
By:  Amir N. Licht


MFW and The Legal Fiction of Market Equivalency
By:  Carl L. Stine


Protecting All Corporate Stakeholders:Fraudulent Transfer Law as a check on Corporate Distributions
By:  Irina Fox



A Reassessment of Vertical Mergers Within The Context of Antitrust Laws: The Time Warner and AT&T Merger

By:  Allison Neff


2020 Volume 44 Number 2-3



Corporate Non-Governance

By: Jeremy McClane


From Trulia to Akorn: A Ride on the Roller Coaster of M&A Litigation

By: Pierluigi Matera and Ferruccio M. Sbarbaro


The Monetization of Investment Claims Promises and Pitfalls of Third-Party Funding in Investor-State Arbitration

By: Julien Chaisse and Can Eken


Environmental & Social Voting at Index Funds

By: Caleb N. Griffin


Purpose, Populism and Markets in Delaware Corporate Law: A Conversation With Professor Lawrence Hamermesh

By: Lawrence A. Hamermesh, as interviewed by Paul L. Regan 223




A Forced Crisis: Why Student Loan Debt Should Be Separately Classified Under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plans

By: Colin A. Keith