volume 39

Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

2014 Volume 39 Number 3


Board Interlocks and Corporate Governance
By: Michal Barzuza &  Quinn Curtis 

Canning Plum Organics: The Avant-Garde Campbell Soup Company Acquisition and Delaware Public Benefit Corporations Wandering Revlon-Land
By: Sean W. Brownridge

Bylaws Mandating Arbitration of Stockholder Disputes
By: Claudia H. Allen 

Blurring Lines between Churches and Secular Corporations: The Compelling Case of the Benefit Corporation’s Right to the Free Exercise of Religion (With a Post-Hobby Lobby Epilogue)
By: Marc A. Greendorfer

A Proposal to Encourage up-the-Ladder Reporting by Insulating in-House Corporate Attorneys from Managerial Power
By: Kabir Ahmed & Dezso Farkas

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


 2014 Volume 39 Number 2


Boilermakers v. Chevron: Are Board Adopted Arbitration Bylaws Valid Under the Delaware General Corporation Law? 
By: Michael Van Gorder


Proposed Legislative Solutions to the Non-Practicing Entity Patent Assertion Problem: The Risks for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
By: Thomas H. Kramer

“Fraud Junior”: An Analysis of the Supreme Court’s Construction of Defalcation and Pension-Fund Trustee Decisions in Bankruptcy Law
By: Tara C. Pakrouh

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2014 Volume 39 Number 1


Delaware’s Choice
By: Guhan Subramanian

Commentaries on Delaware’s Choice

I Told You So
By: Joseph A. Grundfest

Evidence-Based Corporate Law
By: Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster

A Delaware’s Response to Delaware’s Choice
By: Lawrence A. Hamermesh & Norman M. Monhait

Time to Amend the Delaware Takeover Law
By: Stephen M. Shapiro & Dorothy H. Shapiro

Delaware’s Choice: a Brief Reply to Commentators
By: Guhan Subramanain

Corporate Governance without Shareholders: a Cautionary Lesson from Non-Profit Organizations
By: George W. Dent, Jr.

Director Nominations
By: Lawrence A. Hamermesh

The Peril and Promise of Preferred Stock
By: Ben Walther

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases