Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

1978 Volume 3 Number 3


Foreign Patent Agents and American Corporations — the Question of Privilege
By: Ronald A. Bleeker

Comments and Notes

Delaware Chills Freeze-Outs: A Critical Brief of Singer v. The Magnavox CO. and Tanzer v. International General Industries, INC.
By: Alene S. Berkowitz

Passing-on in Antitrust: Was Hanover Shoe “Turned on Its  Head” to Decide Illinois Brick?
By: John C. Andrade

Allowance of Theft Loss Deduction to a Corporate Shareholder for Losses Caused by Illegal Actions of Corporate Officials
By: Carl J. Greco

Effects of the Sears and Compco Decisions on State and Federal Protection of Product, Container, and Package Configurations under Unfair Competition Theory and under the Lanham Act
By: Andrew T. Semmelman

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases




1978 Volume 3 Number 2


Opening Remarks
By: Chancellor Quinn

How and Why of Incorporation in Delaware
By: S. Samuel Arsht

Indemnification under Section 145 of the Delaware General Corporation Law
By: Donald E. Pease & S. Samuel Arsht

Delaware Statutory Provisions and Case-Law Applicable to Director and Shareholder Meetings
By: Peter J. Walsh

Corporate Litigation: Summary Proceedings in the Delaware Court of Chancery
By: Michael D. Goldman

Delaware Courts and the New Jurisdiction Statute
By: David A. Drexler

The New Delaware Director-Consent-to-Service Statute
By: Bruce M. Stargatt

The Delaware Tender Offer Statute
By: Rodman Ward, Jr. & R. Franklin Balotti

Fiduciary Standards Applicable to Officers and Directors and the Business Judgment Rule under Delaware Law
By: Rodman Ward, Jr. & Richard F. Corroon

Directors’ Standard of Care under Section 35 of the Model Business Corporation Act
By: E. Norman Veasey

A View of Representative Actions, Derivative and Class, from a Plaintiff’s Attorney’s Vantage Point
By: Irving R. Morris

Corporation By-Laws and Charters under Delaware Law
By: Louis J. Finger

Changes in the Merger Provisions of the Delaware General Corporation Law Since 1967
By: Charles S. Crompton, Jr. & Stephen E. Herrmann


1978 Volume 3 Number 1


A Delaware Phoenix: the Fall of Sequestration and the Enactment of a Director Service Statute
By: Rodman Ward, Jr.

Comments and Notes

Santa Fe Industries, INC. v. Green: the Supreme Court Reaffirms the Necessity of Non-Disclosure to Maintain an Action under Rule 10B-5
By: Bruce Martin Mundorf

Baseball and Antitrust: a Historical Overview
By: Marc Ronald Abrams & Michael Matthew Cimino

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases

Book Reviews

The International Taxation of Multinational Enterprises — By: J.D.R Adams & J. Whalley
By: Bernard J. Jerlstrom

The Gamesman — By: Michael Maccoby
By: Donald E. Pease