volume 28

Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

2003 Volume 28 Number 3


The “Real Partnerships” and Real Problems: Conforming Business Entity Law to Fiscal Realities and Popular Conceptions
By: Allan W. Vestal 

Accountants, Attorney-Client Privilege, and the Kovel Rule: Waiver Through Inadvertent Disclosure Via Electronic Communication
By: Carl Pacini, Pamella Seay, & Raymond Placid 

Can UK Small Businesses Obtain Growth Capital in the Public Equity Markets? — on Overview of the Shortcomings in UK and European Regulation and Considerations for Reform
By: Hse-Yu Chiu 


Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act: a Three Ring Circus — Three Circuits, Three Interpretations
By: Deborah J. Buswell 

Symposium Transcript

The Convergence of Fiduciary Duties in Unincorporated and Incorporated Entities: the Issue, Its Implications, Its Limitations (April 11, 2003)

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2003 Volume 28 Number 2


The Enron Decision: Closing the Fraud-Free Zone on Errant Gatekeepers?
By: Gary J. Aguirre

No-Shop Clauses
By: Karl F. Balz 

Corporate Governance of Banking Organizations in the U.S. and in Japan
By: Takayuki Usui 

Bring on ‘Da Noise: the SEC’s Proposals Concerning Professional Conduct for Attorney’s under Sarbance-Oxley
By: Marilyn Blumberg Cane & Sarah Smith Kelleher 


C.F. Trust, Inc. v. First Flight Limited Partnership: Will the Virginia Supreme Court Permit Outsider Reverse Veil-Piercing against a Limited Partnership?
By: Leslie C. Heilman 

Tender Offers and Short-Form Mergers by Controlling Shareholders under Delaware Law: the “800-Pound Gorilla” Continues Unimpeded — In re Pure Resources, Inc., Shareholders Litigation
By: Christopher A. Iacono

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2003 Volume 28 Number 1


On the Proper Motives of Corporate Directors (or, Why You Don’t Want to Invite Homo Economicus to Join Your Board)
By: Lynn A. Stout 

After Enron: Remembering Loyalty Discourse in Corporate Law
By: Lyman Johnson 

The Revision of Taiwan’s Company Law: the Struggle Towards a Shareholder-Oriented Model in One Corner of East Asia
By: Christopher John Gulinello 

More Pieced of the CEO Compensation Puzzle
By: Franklin G. Snyder 

Determining and Preserving the Assets of Dot-Coms
By: Robert Brady, Sean Beach, & Karen B. Skomorucha 


Emerald Partners v. Berline: Is It Misunderstood?
By: Janaki Rege Catanzarite

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases