Volume 25

2000 Volume 25 Number 3

2000 Volume 25 Number 2


Japanese Corporate Governance: the Hidden Problems of Corporate Law and Their Solutions
By: Zenichi Shishido 

May a Shareholder Who Objects to a Proposed Settlement of a Derivative Action Appeal an Adverse Decision? A Report on California Public Employees’ Retirement System v. Felzen
By: Roslyn Falk 


ABA Task Force Misses the Mark: Attorneys Should Not Be Discouraged from Serving on Their Corporate Clients’ Board of Directors
By: Patrick W. Straub 

Roll Out the Barrel: the SEC Reverses Its Stance on Employment-Related Shareholder Proposals under Rule 14a-8 — Again
By: Patricia R. Uhlenbrock


United States v. Kai-Lo HSU: an Examination of the Confidentiality Provision in the Economic Espionage Act: Is It Suitable to Maintain the Use and Effectiveness of the EEA?
By: Allyson A. McKenzie

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2000 Volume 25 Number 1


The Next Century of Corporate Law — May 20-21, 1999


By: Douglas E. Ray

By: Craig B. Smith

What Business Will Look for in Corporate Law in the Twenty-First Century
By: Richard J. Agnich & Steven F. Goldstone 

The Institutional Investor’s Goal for Corporate Law in the Twenty First Century
By: Carolyn Brancato & Michael Price 

The Pride and the Hope of Delaware Corporate Law
By: William T. Allen 

The Direction of Corporate Law: the Scholars’ Perspective
By: John C. Coffee, Jr., Richard Booth, R. Franklin Balotti, David C. McBride,
& Edward P. Welch 

The Global Role of Corporate Law
By: David Jackson & Joseph B. Frumpkin 

May 21, 1999

The Role of Corporate Litigation in the Twenty-First Century
By: E. Norman Veasey & Michael P. Dooley

Corporate Law in the Twenty-First Century: the Practitioners’ Prognosis
By: Arthur Fleischer & Peter A. Atkins

By: Randy J. Holland