volume 33

Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

1997 Volume 22 Number 3

Tribute to Chancellor William T. Allen

Ambiguity in Corporation Law
By: Chancellor William T. Allen

Tribute to a Distinguished Clerk
By: Judge Walter K. Stapleton

The Chancellor of Excellence
By: Chief Justice E. Norman Veasey

The Fine Art of Judging: William T. Allen
By: Ronald J. Gilson

A Step Beyond — Reflections on the Jurisprudence of Chancellor William T. Allen
By: A. Gilchrist Sparks, III

Chancellor Allen and the Director
By: Martin Lipton & Theodore N. Mirvis

The Once and Future Judge?
By: Stephen E. Jenkins


Future Creditors and Fraudulent Transfers: When a Claimant Doesn’t Have a Claim, When a Transfer Isn’t a Transfer, When Fraud Doesn’t Stay Fraudulent, and other Important Limits to Fraudulent Law for the Asset Protection Planner
By: John E. Sullivan III


The Tangled Web of Issuer Liability for Analyst Statements: In re Cirrus Logic Securities Litigation
By: Robert Norman Sobol

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


1997 Volume 22 Number 2


The Agile Virtual Corporation
By: Ann E. Conaway Stilson

SEC Enforcement Actions against Securities Lawyers: New Remedies vs. Old Policies
By: Ann Maxey

Accurate Calculation of Short-Swing Profits under Section 16(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
By: Andrew Chin


Smiley v. Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.: Charging Toward Deregulation in the Credit Card Industry
By: Stephen G. Stroup

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


1997 Volume 22  Number 1


The Law and Economics of Vanishing Premium Life Insurance
By: Daniel R. Fischel & Robert S. Stillman

Valuation Litigation
By: Jay W. Eisenhofer & John L. Reed

Why Financial Appearances Might Matter: an Expiration for “Dirty Pooling” and Some other Types of Financial Cosmetics
By: Claire A. Hill

Informational Symmetry and OTC Transactions: Understanding the Need to Regulate Derivatives
By: Christine Cuccia


Alabama By-Products Corp. v. Cede & Co.: Shareholder Protection through Strict Statutory Construction
By: Emily I. Osiecki

SEC v. Life Partners, Inc.: an Extended Interpretation of the Howey Test Finds That Viatical Settlements Are Investment Contracts
By: William L. Doerler


Recent Developments in Corporate Law

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases