Delaware Journal of
Corporate Law

1984 Volume 9 Number 3


Seminar — The Al’s Corporate Governance Proposals: Law and Economics

The Municipal Disclosure Debate
By: Joel Seligman


Attorney’s Fees in Class Action Shareholder Derivative Suits
By: Barbra Warnick Thompson

Rejection of Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Aftermath of 11 U.S.C. Section 1113: What Does Congress Intend?
By: Thomas Fielding


Protection of Minority Shareholders in Parent-Subsidiary Tender Offers: Joseph v. Shell Oil Co.
By: Steven F. Mones

Application of Internal Revenue Code Section 83 to Non-Bargain Employee Stock Agreements: Alves v. Commissioner
By: Dawn T. Furgele

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


1984 Volume 9 Number 2


Special Feature — Seminary on New Venture: Organization, Financing, and Operations

Bricks for the Business Judgment Citadel: Recent Developments in Delaware Corporation Law
By: Allen M. Terrell, Jr.


The Allocation of Risk of Loss Due to “MICR Fraud”: Is Northpark a Steadfast Solution or an Evanescent Effort?