Mr. Brandon R. Harper, Esq.

Former Delaware Journal of Corporate Law External Managing Editor, Brandon Harper, gives us some insight into his experience during law school and his career today.

(1) What was your position on the Journal?
External Managing Editor.

(3) Where are you currently employed?
Connolly Gallagher LLP, Wilmington, Delaware

(3) In what area of law do you practice?
Corporate and Commercial Litigation

(4) What career track did you follow?
During law school I focused on gaining as much experience within the Delaware Bar as possible. I spent every semester, from the Fall of my 2L year until I graduated, externing for judges.  By taking on these additional responsibilities outside of the classroom, I demonstrated my work ethic to the Delaware Bench and proved that I was capable of thinking and writing like a lawyer.  Upon graduation I clerked on the Superior Court, which further cemented these traits.  When taking the next step and interviewing with law firms, those qualities shone through on my resume.

(5) What do you wish you had known about law school while you were a law student?
It helps to not let yourself get discouraged by the speed bumps. Failure is just part of the process and can be valuable if you learn from it and improve.  Adversity shapes character.  Stay focused on your final goal and don’t let disappointments along the way derail your progress.  Continue to work hard and the results will come.  There will be a time after you have achieved your goals when you will look back on those failures.  They won’t seem as significant as they once did.

(6) Aside from excelling academically and joining the Journal, what are some ways that students can stand out to secure job offers?
Say yes to everything. Avail yourself of as many opportunities as become available to you.  Delaware Law School students are in a unique position as they attend the only law school in Delaware.  Judges in the Delaware courts will often hire Delaware Law students as judicial interns/externs.  Establishing yourself within the Bar as early as you can will set you apart from the pack come the full-time hiring period. Delaware is a small state and the Bar is smaller still.  As a result, your reputation can change instantly.  The earlier that you can establish yourself as a capable, driven, and civil member of the Delaware Bar, the better.

(7) What are some lessons you’ve learned during your professional career that will be valuable to current Journal members and recent graduates?
The word “draft” is a legal fiction. Seek perfection at every stage of the process and take the extra time to do things the right way.  Ultimately, your work is a representation of you.  If you hand a partner sloppy work product, then you risk being known as a sloppy lawyer.

(8) What are your future career goals?
To continue to deliver quality work product in order to obtain a desired outcome for my clients.

(9) What are some of your other interests?
I enjoy spending time with family at the Delaware Beaches and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I enjoy golfing.  But what I like to do most is to spend as much time as I’m able with my wife, Chrissy, and our Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, Dixon.