Brittany M. Giusini, Esq.

Former Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Editor-in-Chief, Brittany M. Giusini, gives us some insight into her experience during law school and her career today.

(1) What was your position on the Journal?

(3) Where are you currently employed?
Ballard Spahr LLP, Wilmington, Delaware

(3) In what area of law do you practice?
My practice focuses on Delaware corporate litigation and white collar internal investigations.

(4) What career track did you follow?
After law school, I clerked for one year for Justice Holland of the Delaware Supreme Court.  Following clerking, I went into private practice in Delaware.

(5) What do you wish you had known about law school while you were a law student?
While I was a student, I wish I would have known the focus of your future practice does not have to be limited.  As a student, you may be interested in more than one area of the law.  Explore those areas.  You do not have to be tied to one practice group.

(6) Aside from excelling academically and joining the Journal, what are some ways that students can stand out to secure job offers?
Students should get out into the community and give back.  Not only does this secure valuable connections, it builds confidence and just generally makes you feel good.

(7) What are some lessons you’ve learned during your professional career that will be valuable to current Journal members and recent graduates?
Work hard, but don’t be too hard on yourself!  Find the time to help someone who may never be able to repay you!  We often measure success by grades or awards – but I have found that real success is actually making a difference in the life of someone else.  We, as lawyers (or future lawyers), have the ability to do that.

(8) What are your future career goals?
I want to continue practicing in Delaware and within my current practice group.  I also have future aspirations to get more involved in activism relating to certain criminal law issues.

(9) What are some of your other interests?