Mr. Gregory J. Flasser, Esq.

Former Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Styles Editor, Greg Flasser, gives us some insight into his experience during law school and his career today.

(1) What was your position on the Journal?
Styles Editor

(3) Where are you currently employed?
Bayard, P.A., Wilmington, Delaware

(3) In what area of law do you practice?

(4) What career track did you follow?
I didn’t have a job lined up out of law school.  I studied for the bar while trying to network as much as possible.  After the bar exam I finally landed a job in NJ at a small personal injury firm.  Realizing that I wanted to work in DE, and specifically in corporate law, I continued to research jobs and after about 3 months I landed a job in Wilmington at an insurance defense firm.  6 months after that I bumped into one of the partners from Bayard who I had previously had lunch with.  A few weeks later they brought me in for an interview.

(5) What do you wish you had known about law school while you were a law student?
Fortunately, it didn’t impact me all that much, but one thing I saw from others is that your academic success during your first semester can shape the rest of your law school experience.  If you have a slow start academically, you will spend the next 2 and a half years digging yourself out of a hole.

(6) Aside from excelling academically and joining the Journal, what are some ways that students can stand out to secure job offers?
Get to know your professors.  They can be great resources when it comes time to find a job.  Once you know what field you are interested in, ask those professors if they can put you in touch with attorneys in that area.  Connect with them and ask them to meet you for coffee or lunch.  Don’t be afraid to express an interest in their firm and ask if they have a need for associates or interns.  If they do not, ask those attorneys to put you contact with others that might have a need.  It’s all about networking!!

Additionally, get involved in the legal community where you want to practice.  Attend lectures, events, Inn of Court meetings, etc.  Introduce yourself to as many people as you can.

(7) What are some lessons you’ve learned during your professional career that will be valuable to current Journal members and recent graduates?
Learn to adapt to your surroundings.  Even if you stay with one firm for your entire career, the inner workings of that firm will likely change.  The firm might grow or downsize, attorneys may come and go, and you will be working with and for a variety of personalities.  You start to pick up on different preferences that each of the partners have.  Lastly, speak up.  Talk to the partners.  If you need more work, let them know.  If you have too much on your plate, let them know.  The worst thing you can do is stay silent and blow a deadline.

(8) What are your future career goals?
I’d like to stay with Bayard for as long as they’ll have me.  My goal is to grow my practice, my substantive knowledge, and book of business so that one day I might make partner.  Maybe later in life I’ll shift to something else.  I’m not sure what that is yet.

(9) What are some of your other interests?
I enjoy traveling, skiing, fishing, hiking, golfing, and food.  One of the things I look forward to each year is a ski trip out west with a group of friends.  I also love spending time with my wife and dog regardless of what we’re doing