1981                Volume 6              Number 3


Seminar on Delaware Corporation Law Today

I. Attorney-Client Privilege in Corporation Communication

Upjohn: A Survey of the Case
By: Charles E. Welch

The Attorney-Client Privilege: a Pragmatic Approach
By: Leo Herzel

The Attorney-Client Privilege: a Litigator’s Perspective
By: Rodman Ward, Jr.

II. Fundamental Corporate Changes — Federal and State Perspectives

Fundamental Corporate Changes: Cash Option Mergers
By: Steven J. Rothschild

Fundamental Corporate Changes: Federal Disclosure Aspects
By: Donald A. Scott

Fundamental Corporate Changes: Developments Involving Sales of Assets
By: Charles S. Crompton, Jr.

Fundamental Corporate Changes: Federal Disclosure Aspects Involving Sale of Assets
By: Donald A. Scott

Receivership Practice in the Delaware Courts
By: Jack B. Jacobs

Fundamental Corporate Changes: Charter Amendments
By: A. Gilchrist Sparks III

Federal Response to Defensive Charter Amendments
By: Donald A. Scott

III. Recent Developments in Delaware Corporate Law

Recent Developments in Delaware Corporate Law
By: Herbert S. Schlagman

IV. Business Judgment Rule and Shareholder Derivation Actions

Business Judgment Rule and Shareholder Derivative Actions: Background
By: E. Norman Veasey

Dismissal of Derivative Actions: the Debate
By: Robert K. Payson

Reconciliation of the Business Judgment Rule with the Federal Securities Laws
By: David S. Ruder

Recent Developments Relating to the Business Judgment Rule
By: Meredith M. Brown

V. Luncheon Address — Corporate Law in the Eighties: New Trends/New Challenges

Corporate Takeovers and Freezeouts Tender Offers
By: Louis Barash

Going Private after Singer and Najjar
By: William Klein

The Delaware Appraisal Statute
By: J. Kirkland Grant

A Hypothetical Going Private Transaction
By: Arthur H. Rosenbloom


1981                Volume 6              Number 2


A Planning Guide to Section 482
By: Glenn L. Madere

Comments and Notes

Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans: the Tax Effects of Disqualification on Lump Sum Distributions — Woodson v. Commissioner 
By: Thomas R. Uliase

Promulgating Standard for the Regulation of Toxic Substances under the Occupational Safety and Health Act — Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO v. American Petroleum Institute
By: John G. Malone

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


1981                Volume 6              Number 1


Steadman v. SEC — Its Implications and Significance
By: Marc I. Steinberg

The Status of Minority Shareholders’ Remedies for Oppression after Santa Fe and Singer and the Question of “Reasonable Investment Education” Valuation
By: William M. Roberts

Comments and Notes

The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and the Supreme Court: Private Rights of Action under the New Cort Test– Transamerica Mortgage Advisors, Inc. v. Lewis
By: Kevin F. Brady & Mark Rockwell

Zapata Corp. v. Maldonado: a Limitation on the Use of Delaware’s Business Judgement Rule in Stockholder Derivative Suits
By: Diana M. O’Neill



Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases