1979                Volume 4              Number 3


Fiduciary Responsibilities of Directors, Officers and Key Employees
By: S. Samuel Arsht

Directors’ Standard of Care under Section 35 of the Model Business Corporation Act
By: E. Norman Veasey

The “Interested” Director or Officer Transactions
By: Andrew G. T. Moore

Inspection of Stock List, Books and Records
By: Michael D. Goldman

Personal Jurisdiction over Corporate Officers and Directors: Recent Developments
By: Jack B. Jacobs

Shareholder Meetings, Voting Rights and Proxy Solicitation
By: Charles S. Crompton, Jr.

Non-Certificated Stock
By: David A. Drexler

Cash Mergers: A Current View
By: Steven J. Rothschild

Singer v. Magnavox Co. and Section 253
By: Robert K. Payson

Planning a Cash Merger after Singer
By: Allen M. Terrell, Jr.

Protection of Majority Interests
By: Charles F. Richards, Jr.

Tender Offers under Delaware Law – Some Constitutional Questions
By: Rodman Ward, Jr.

Corporate Governance: an Analysis of Duties, Attacks, and Responses
By: David S. Ruder

Commentary: the Great Debate on Corporate Reform: the Proposed Federal Securities Code
By: James S. Mofsky

Aspects under Delaware Law of Annual Meeting and Insider Trading
By: Donald E. Pease

Composition of the Board of Directors
By: Howard M. Handelman

Remuneration of Officers and Directors of Delaware Public Corporations – Some Principles and Procedures
By: John H. Small

Accountability of Officers and Directors
By: Edward B. Maxwell

By: Wendell Fenton


1979                Volume 4              Number 2

Supernatural Regimes for Multinationals: the New Order with a New Face?
By: John A. Maher

Piercing the Veil of Limited Liability
By: Roger E. Meiners, James S. Mofsky & Robert D. Tollison

The Delaware Controversy – the Legal Debate
By: Allen Hyman

Sanctions against Accountants for Violations of the Securities Law: a Reappraisal
By: Stuart A. Margolis

Comments and Notes

Minimum Contacts and Delaware Directos before and after Shaffer v. Heitner 
By: James C. Reed

Seider II – Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get in and out-of-State Accident with a New York Resident: a Comment on O’Conner v. Lee-Hy Paving Corp.

Tax Pitfalls for Incorporated Professionals
By: Carol I. Wicks

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases

Book Review

A Guide to Rule 144 — By: D. Goldwasser
By: Howard M. Friedman


1979                Volume 4              Number 1

Fair Price and Redemption Rights: New Dimensions in Defense Charter Provisions
By: Craig B. Smith

Business, Bucks & Bull: the Corporation, the First Amendment & the Corrupt Practices Law
By: Loren A. Smith

Special Problems in Litigation Upper Level Employment Discrimination Cases
By: Thomas Reed Hunt, Jr. & George Pazuniak

Comments and Notes

Delaware Resurrects the Common Law: Affirmation of Contractual Voting Restrictions within a Class of Stock – Providence & Worcester Co. v. Baker
By: Maxine L. LaPlace

A Limitation on Section 16 of the Clayton Act – Vendo Co. v. Lektro-Vend Corp.
By: Milton Sacks

SEC Proposed “Going Private” Rule
By: Bruce Stumpf