2014                Volume 38              Number 3


Shareholder Cultivation and New Governance
By: Tamara C. Belinfanti

Mechanism Design in M&A Auctions
By: Steven J. Brams & Joshua R. Mitts

Private Policing of Mergers and Acquisitions: an Empirical Assessment of Institutional Lead Plaintiffs in Transactional Class Derivative Class Actions
By: David H. Webber

Reviving Shareholder Stewardship: Critically Examining the Impact of Corporate Transparency Reforms in the UK
By: Iris H-Y Chu

Incorporating Mandatory Arbitration Employment Clauses into Collective Bargaining Agreements: Challenges and Benefits to the Employer and the Union
By: Floyd D. Weatherspoon

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2013                Volume 38              Number 2


Unsettledness in Delaware Corporate Law: Business Judgement Rule, Corporate Purpose
By: Lyman Johnson

An Introduction to the Federalist Society’s Panelist Discussion Titled ‘Deregulating the Markets: The JOBS Act’

By: Lawrence A. Hamermesh & Peter I. Tsoflias

The Federalist Society For Law and Public Policy Studies 2012 National Lawyers Convention Corporations Deregulating The Market: The Jobs Act Transcript

By: Lawrence A. Hamermesh & Peter I. Tsoflias

Two Faces of Materiality
By: Richard A. Booth


Honest Services Fraud: Construing The Contours of Section 1346 In The Corporate Realm
By: Michelle V. Barone

Pure Resources “Fair Summary” Standard: Disclosures Away From Obtaining Clarity In The M&A Context
By: Brittany M. Guisini

The Ordinary Course of Business Defense In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Preference Actions: Methods of Comparison
By: Joseph M. Mulvihill