2011                Volume 36              Number 3

Symposium Introduction

Irreconcilable Differences: Director, Manager and Shareholder Conflicts in Takeover Transactions
By: Steven M. Davidoff, Caroline M. Gentile & Paul L. Regan


Form over Substance? The Value of Corporate Process and Management Buy-Outs
By: Matthew D. Cain & Steven M. Davidoff

Sanitizing Interested Transactions
By: Claire Hill & Brett McDonnell

Examining Data Point in Minority Buy-Outs: a Practitioners’ Report
By: Suneela Jain, Ethan Klingsberg & Neil Whoriskey

Standards of Review in Conflict Transactions on Motions to Dismiss: Lessons Learned in the Past Decade
By: Lewis H. Lazarus & Brett M. McCartney

Re-Evaluating the Emerging Standard of Review for Matching Rights in Control Transactions
By: Brian JM Quinn

Change of Control Special Committee: Breathing Life into CNX
By: Samuel C. Thompson, Jr.

Sandbagging: Default Rules and Acquisition Agreements
By: Charles K. Whitehead

Symposium Transcript

Introduction by Robert A. Kindler

Delaware Roundtable Discussion 


2011                Volume 36              Number 2


The Perils of Shareholder Voting on Executive Compensation
By: Minor Myers

Secondary Liability for Securities Fraud: Gatekeepers in State Court
By: Jennifer J. Johnson

The Corporation As Imperfect Society
By: Brian M. McCall

“Latchkey Corporations”: Fiduciary Duties in Wholly Owned, Financially Troubled Subsidiaries
By: J. Haskell Murray


The Ever-Evolving Poison Pill: the Pill in Asset Protection and Closely-Held Corporation Cases
By: Joseph M. Grieco

Stub Rent under Section 365(d)(3): a Call for a Unified Approach
By: Aaron H. Stulman


Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. v. Siracusano: Rejection of the Statistically Significant Standard Reopened the Door to Securities Fraud Strike Suits
By: Benjamin A. Leisawitz

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2011                Volume 36              Number 1


Managing Corporate Federalism: the Last-Bad Approach to the Shareholder Bylaw Debate
By: Christopher M. Bruner

The Financial Innovation Process: Theory and Application
By: Zachary J. Gubler

Delaware’s Solvency Test: What Is It and Does It Make Sense? A Comparison of Solvency Test under the Bankruptcy Code and Delaware Law
By: Robert J. Stearn, Jr. & Cory D. Kandestin

Making Sense of Executive Compensation
By: Simone M. Sepe

Assuring Responsible Risk Management in Banking: the Corporation Governance Dimension
By: Michael Murphy

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases