2008                Volume 33              Number 3


The Delaware General Corporation Law for the 21st Century

By: Lawrence A. Hamermesh

Roundtable Discussion: Commentary from the Delaware Corporation Law Revision Committee


The Delaware General Corporation Law and Takeovers:

Overturn Time-Warner Three Different Ways
By: Joel Edan Friedlander 

Bylaw Reforms for Delaware’s Corporation Law
By: Brett H. McDonnell

Stockholder Litigation under the Delaware General Corporation Law:

Goodbye to the Contemporaneous Ownership Requirement
By: J. Travis Laster

Director Inattention and Director Protection under Delaware General Corporation Law Section 102(b)(7): a Proposal for Legislative Reform
By: Elizabeth A. Nowicki

Finding Safe Harbor: Clarifying the Limited Application of Section 144
By: Blake Rohrbacher, John Mark Zeberkiewicz, & Thomas A. Uebler

Stockholders in Corporate Governance:

Power to the Franchise of the Fiduciaries?: an Analysis of the Limits on Stockholder Activist Bylaw
By: Frederick H. Alexander & James D. Honaker

Defining the Shareholder’s Role, Defining a Role for State Law: Folk at 40
By: Robert B. Thompson

What We Can Learn from other Statutory Schemes:

Lessons to be Learned: How the Policy of Freedom to Contract in Delaware’s Alternative Entity Law Might Inform Delaware’s General Corporation Law
By: Anne E. Conaway 

Regulatory Show and Tell: Lessons from International Statutory Regimes
By: Jennifer G. Hill 

Freedom and Its Limits in the Delaware General Corporation Law
By: Edward P. Welch & Robert S. Saunders

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2008                Volume 33              Number 2


The Enduring Legacy of Smith v. Van Gorkom
By: Bernard S. Sharfman

Delaware’s “No-Go” Treatment of No-Talk Provisions: Deal-Protection Devices after Omnicare
By: Amy Y. Yeung & Charles B. Vincent

The Boundaries of Litigation Unconscious Discrimination: Firm-Based Remedies in Response to a Hostile Judiciary
By: Franita Tolson


Satellite Radio Monopoly
By: Joel D. Corriero

Weissman v. NASD: Piercing the Veil of Absolute Immunity of an SRO under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
By: Craig J. Springer


Rewarding Integrity: the Struggle to Protect Decentralized Fraud Enforcement through the Public Disclosure Bar of the False Claims Act
By: Linda J. Stengle

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases


2008                Volume 33              Number 1


The Eclipse of Private Equity
By: Brian Cheffins & John Armour

The Fortunes & Foibles of Exchange-Traded Funds: a Positive Market Response to the Problems of Mutual Funds
By: William A. Birdthistle

Shareholder Protection around the World (Leximetric II)
By: Mathias M. Siems 

Why Do Managers Dismantle Staggered Boards?
By: Mira Ganor 

Shareholder Police Power: Shareholders’ Ability to Hold Directors Accountable for Intentional Violations of Law
By: Thomas A. Uebler

Unreported Cases

Unreported Cases